Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been Rhonda

I'v been tagged by Rhonda to post 6 random things about myself:

(Those thar cows have tags on 'em)

So I am not sure whether I respond on this site or my adoption site, so I will write it on this site.

1. I have been really down on myself lately. Both physically, but more spiritually. But last night..I just took God at his word and decided that the verse in Phillipians about Don't be anxious about anything, but pray about everything, applied to this too. So I just told God, I am sorry that I am so inconsistent and struggling and I know you love me anyway, so I let go of my anxiety over that, and give it to you. And I had peace and an awesome time of devotions this morning. now how about that!

2. My hair is the pits right now, I am stalking the mailbox for my package of Henna I sent off for, and I am afraid I won't be able to wait until Rebecca has time to come over to use it. I am going RED.

3. I am questioning..gulp....dare I say it?......scrapbooking! Yep, I know. I love it...and hate it. I am getting so stressed at being behind and knowing another child is coming and then more behind....I am thinking about either ...going...(the d word) DIGITAL or scrapping far less pictures. I am SOOOOOOOOOO behind.

4. I get lonely.

5. I am a Stargate Atlantis Junkie....not having television or cable, I bought the 5four seasons and have watched episodes of season five on I am all caught up. Withdrawals are starting to consider watching season 2, again.... It's a toss up between Jon Sheppard and Ronan, with those dreadlocks.

6. I remember an elderly woman telling me once that inside, she was still 16. I was in my 20's I think, at the time..and did not quite get it. Now being many years past 20, 30, 40...I get it. My romantic heart is still so young. But my body has moved on! LOL..or better COL (Crying out loud). I have a very poor self image right now.

Ok..that is 6 really boring random things....not sure if ANYONE will read them....but there they are.

Now I am suppose to go tag someone else...but not sure how that works... So I will list who I tag here. and also comment on their sites.

Sistermom...Mirandsa...I tag you...because you are a great look what you talked your mom into!

Denise...I tag you, because you are probably too busy to do this and it might be fun to talk about yourself.

Amber...I tag you because I LOVE your in utero are a lovely momma with a lovely heart. (And you taped by Mame getting her photo album)

Rebecca Brutto...I tag you because ..oh snap, well just because....

So comment if you post.

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