Saturday, October 04, 2008

What a wonderful life.

I love fall. Yea, I know I have said it before.. but I do!

You know how people say they want to live somewhere tropical, where it is summer all year long. Where I want to live where it is fall all year long. I wonder if God can make a corner of heaven like that for me? I bet my mom would want to hang there too.

It rained yesterday. and it is cloudy and sunny today...cooler. Mary and I took a walk to the park with Bella. Our route is along a bike path that winds through a perserve area... lots of trees and cat tails. We collected acorns, browns and purples and a few green, and various rust, brown, and red stems, leaves, thistles. When we were back home, we made a fall bouquet and put out a few autumn decorations.

I then put on a Louis Armstrong CD, made a rosemary, garlic and lemon marinade for chicken and whipped up a batch of fudge brownies. Fall makes me want to bake and live my life to the tune of a romantic comedy soundtrack. in Meg Ryan...(Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You Got Mail.).

Fall sits well with me. I love to wrap it around me and cuddle up to it.

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