Thursday, November 06, 2008

Born to create.....

God, the universal creator, made us in His image. I think, perhaps, that is why the urge to be creative is so strong. Whether is it crocheting a hat, taking photographs, scrapbook, decorating a house, braiding our daughters hair, or making a powerpoint. Using our creativity just energizes and feeds our soul. Thank you, Abba, for making us creative. Wouldn't it be boring if we were not?

So I thought this month, November, was going to be my embroidery month, and I still plan to do that, but I had one more "hat" in me to crochet. I had this inspiration to make a scarf hat, and started on it this am. I sketched out the idea..(realize, drawing is not my best talent..) and will post the final when it is done. I am doing it in left over yarn, from the kids four hats I it is in the "scrappy hat" genre as well.

Easy to is just a big fat scarf, that you then sew up one seam partially in the back, to make a hood portion....and voila! fun fun...ANd I am making the stitches and stripes of yarn run length-wise, rather then width, for a little different look.

Who is the one a christmas gift for?

:) me...

:) Happy Creating!

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