Thursday, November 06, 2008

Something from the heart.....

My mom asked me a question, that someone had asked her....and what were my thoughts around it.

It if funny, I did not realize until I got rolling that I really had such strong thoughts around it. The answer actually burned inside me...

So I thought I would share it...the question...and what I answered:

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The question:
Can you explain prayer to me? . Why do we need to ask for things that we can do ourselves as people on earth?

My thoughts in response:

I am not sure what is meant by “things that we can do for ourselves”

So prayer, is just a conversation with God. If you would think of a close, best friend, whether you have one or not, imagine if you did.

You share secrets, laugh over silly things, cry over sad things, and chew over questions together…. That is prayer. A running conversation with God.

Sometimes it is,
give me wisdom..I don’t know what to do myself, other times, it is Lord, I think this is what I should do, I ask your blessing or redirection if I am off base. Other times it is , Boy Lord, isn’t that funny? Or , Jesus, I hurt, protect them, I’m scared. Or Lord, what now? What do I do? Or Lord, I missed you today, been so busy.
Lord, tonight, bring some harmony in my kids, bless us with a sense of your presence. Lord I ask, above all, your will be done in _________such and such. You tell us that the passionate prayers of a righteous man or woman (one cleansed by the blood of Jesus) is powerful and affective…so I am praying. Intervene and make your will be done.

The earth currently, by God’s allowance, is under the temporary havoc of Satan. God wants us by prayer and will to acknowledge the rightness and supremecy of God and invite him into any and all situations of our life.

He is one on one with is. Not too busy, or too anything. Because He is God, he can be one on one with each. His thoughts toward us (Jer 29:11) has it all planned out. He knows what a "yes" here, a "no" there, a "quiet and keep trusting" here, an "enter in deeper and talk to me more" there…will do on the plan. PERSONAL plan. Above all else is relationship…all the other is the means to the end. The End is relationship.

And through that relationship, this two-sided friendship, we pray what is on our hearts and minds and we pray what is on his. And He hears ALL, answers all, according to a loving, long-term, compassionate plan and short-term blessing too. We often are so upside down in what life is about. ON what we really need. I know I have been. But in relationship, He keeps being “transfigured”..keeps showing me, bit by bit, more of who He is, more of what it is all about and more of what He wants with me.

Not sure if this answers…but it is where my heart is on prayer right now.

He is my best buddy, with who I can share all. The fact that the guy with the blue eyes makes me long for earthly love and that the pink-striped socks make me happy, that dinner tonight better be eaten, and that my kids HAVE to love Him or I have failed, that the babies being murdered are now at his throne, that the circles under my eyes bug me, that his word is life to my heart, that yarn is cool, that Tadpole makes me laugh and want to squeeze the dickens out of him, that Mary is too cute for her own good, that Nick has a heart for him, that Angela is a little girl wanting love and needing Jesus…that Olivia needs a momma, that as Christians we need to help the orphans or live ashamed, That a bargin is cool and that prejudice stinks.

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