Friday, November 07, 2008

Images of Friday....

It is Friday...and I do have a few things I want to share.....and a couple finds....

First Congratulations to my son Nicholas today...

YEA! Hooray! Way to GO!!!

He was awarded Student of the Week at school for his kind heart and putting others first.

Way to go, son. I love you....

Second, lookee lookee, what I made last night!~
A Thanksgiving Banner for our front entry way.
It reads "Give Thanks"
It has holes on it where you attach little leaves with raffia.

A pile of leaves, pen and raffia is on the table allowing family members and guests to write something they are thankful for and then tie it onto the banner.
How cool is that?!!
I can't wait to read them all on Thanksgiving Day.
I saw some banners in Mary Englebrit's Magazine, and thought to make one for Thanksgiving, then the leaf/note part just came to me. :) Fun fun.

Speaking of fun, I am into crocheting right now (still on the threshhold of embroidery) and I must learn to knit. I saw the cutest thing today. ..
You know how Starbucks puts paper jackets on your coffee cupsto keep your hands from getting too hot? Well in the spirit of "being green", and loving to make things with yarn right now, I saw a pattern today to knit a coffee cup jacket! cute is that??!! It was one of the free patterns on Ravelry, a cool website I found out about from Soul Mama. So I guess I have another project coming up. I bet you could crochet one too.
Maybe a Christmas present for all my java junkie friends!
I hope you have a blessed weekend and experience God's presence.
Happy Friday!

1 Things Others Said:

Denise said...

OK Sandee,
I sooooo need one of those cup cozys. Do you know how many times I usually nuke a cup of coffee before I actually get a chance to drink the whole thing!!! LOVE IT!!!