Monday, November 24, 2008

Crabby Patties.....

So I read on this other blog where folks aways just share the good things, making others think their own life is really not working in comparison.

Lol. I don't think that is true here, but just in is reality.

I am crabby this morning.

All weekend at least two of my kids were arguing. All weekend. Not always the same two, they would occasionally pass the baton from one to another, but at any given point, two of the three were fussing and fighting. Over what? Dolls, who went first, who was singing, who interrupted, what toy was touched by who, who asked for permission, who....

you get it.

The little cherubs went to sleep last night and picked right up with it this am.

My oldest had the shower door fall off the railing, screaming at the top of his lungs for an hour or two..(felt like it) he knows it is broken, but will limp through school today, does not want to miss the Thanksgiving feast at school. While I try to figure out which doctor, med center, emergency?? to take him to when I pick him up.

Oh, there is more...

I have this required training course I have to take at work, online..which sounds like it should be a cinch, right, but it keeps blocking me out and I can't complete it and no one in the technical help desk can figure it out, but my mgr keeps saying, please take this course, have you taken this course, must finish this course..etc etc.

let's see, so being in a grouchy mood, I decided to pop on over to starbucks to get a coffee before my 9 am meeting. On the way back, I see the flashing blue and red of a motorcyle cop..pulling me over. I had not fastened my seat belt. (I always fasten my seat belt, but not today!) So, the nice law enforcement person gave me a ticket to help in the spirit of promoting their Click-it or Ticket campaign.

Expensive cup of coffee.

So I just finished my meeting..and have to call and figure out doctor or med center for my son, cook something for his Thanksgiving Feast...and go improve my mood.

But then I realize, I need to take my own advice. I had told Nick this weekend, when he was squabbling with Anthony, and felt it was all Anthony's fault that such and such....

I told him. "Don't let anyone else steal your fun."

So ..self...don't let all the little circumstances steal your joy. I need Jesus not just in the big crises, not just when I am feeling warm and fuzzy, but in the prickly briar patch as well.


And that is real life as I know it today.

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"MissMeliss" said...

I totally understand having to write about the bad with the good. I only have one child, and I wonder how I'd do it with two! And here you have 3 going on 4!! WOW. :)

You go girl.