Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A THINK retreat....

Our age is the age of information overload. Not just how much we need to juggle, understand and make wise decisions on each and every day, but the pace of our life is speeding up, and time to think through things is getting smaller and smaller. Add to that the availability of information, and so many things I wish I did not need to know..it is almost mentally crippling.

Too much to be aware of, concerned about, take action on...at times can cause me to be like the ostrich and just STOP and ignore it all, or be cotton-picking stressed out all the time.

I think in ages past, your information was what was provided by your family, your circle of acquaintenances, community contacts. Then the radio, tv, libraries, newspaper, increased the information pouring in. Now we are at the age of the internet. With more websites, blogs, urls than we could count.

With this mountain of information there is also the concern of discerning what is true, what is important, can I trust it? There is no information gatekeeper, anyone and everyone can put information out into the world and we take it in. We are trusting, and think, why would they lie? And sometimes, they may n ot be knowingly lieing, just sharing what they think is true.

So I sit here, wanting to move to the mountains in a cabin and unplug and live an ignorant life. Kinda....

Balance in all things. I keep thinking of the verse in Jeremiah (29:11). I know the thoughts I have toward you, says the Lord, thoughts for a hope and a future...(my paraphrasing).

He knows what is important, He knows what I need to focus on and what I need to let go of. He knows what is true, because He is the Truth.

So I sit here with all these things I feel like I need to think about, and have no time to think about, and it points me back to Him.

He is all I need.

Things I think I need to think about:

-How to work with my kids on their interactions
-How to get my kids to eat healthy and still eat
-What is healthy
-How to be more healthy myself
-Is milk bad?
-How to help Mary Beth be ready for transition next year to Victory.
-Ways to not spend so much money
-How to get Bella potty trained ALL the time.
-Planning to get all my projects done by Christmas.
-Focus to get my credit cards paid off
-Where will I get enough money for my trip to Ethiopia
-What are all the appts I need to schedule and schedule them.
-How to weed out and reorg my closets, office, garage,
-How to set up chores for my kids.
-What fun activities can I plan for my kids over the next three months.
-What should Santa bring my kids for Christmas.
-What is God wanting me to learn, now..
-How can I help my children rely on God and His word more?
-How can I help them to treat each other with love and kindness?

My list goes on...

Lord, keep me focused on what is important, help me to let go of the rest. Help me to resist the "sky-is-falling" feeling toward trying to navigate in this present age. You planned for me to live and raise my children in this generation. Help us Lord...YOU are our truth, you are our balance, you are the one who knows where our focus should be.

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