Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The professionals...

Nutritionalists: they study all the information, learn through their experience and others, focus on this area and become an expert with amazing knowledge, advice and lifestyle changes to impact your entire family.

Physical therapist, study and focus and learn how to help your body heal and improve both physically and mentally, through excercise and movement.

Therapist: study emotion and thinking and how to work through problems in practical ways and change a perspective to change your life.

Teachers: Train and focus on child learning techniques and have experience and practice to see what works, how a child learns, and to know what to teach next.

Financial planners/accountants: They focus on how to budget and spend wisely, and live within your means and invest in the future.

Vetranarians/Dog trainers: know just what your pet needs and when and how often and how to do it.

Organizers: Study and practice and find ways to have a place for everything and everything in its place.... less is more..and put it where it belongs.

Recreational Directors: Focus on how to have fun and bring enjoyment into your life, activities that are age and ability appropriate, and enjoyable for all

The list goes on......

What all these folks have is the focus of one area. By narrowing their focus, they have the time and ability to learn, practice and share much in their area of expertise. It comes easy for many of them, because it is what they love. Being so absorbed in their one area of expertise, they can sometimes not understand why someone else does not "get it" or have the desire (time) to put as much focus on that area.

I am a mom.

I need to be an expert in all these areas.

I am an expert in none of them.


ok, that is my last whine today, I hope. I now plan to go spend some time with the one who is an expert and get destressed, rather than keep blogging about it.
Gotta get my coffee too.

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