Monday, November 03, 2008

Good Enough to be in a Cookbook???

You may have read in previous posts my challenges and quest for food that my whole family will eat..

Well our therapist had an idea to have the kids be assistant chefs. So tonight it was Nicholas' turn and we made Pizza Bread Roll. A new recipe for us.

He mixed the dough, kneaded it, helped put it in a ring and let it rise. Then he spreaded on pizza sauce, placed pepperoni and sausage, mozarella and cheddar around. I closed it up, brushed on a beaten egg, and sprinkled with Italian herbs.

35 minutes later...
a beautiful, delectable creation.
And EVERYONE loved it! yum yum, eat it up! How awesome....

Afterwords, we all hung out in my bedroom with a fire in the fireplace and played WHONUU...a fun little card, guessing game.

A perfect evening.

Today is a thankful day.
I fully realize all my blessings. As I walked from the mailbox across the street to my house, I thought Home Sweet Home. Pumpkins on the walk, golden light spilling from the may be a rental home but home it IS! Home is where the heart is..and inside is what fills my heart.
Another cool thing, literally. I just found out, they are opening an outdoor ice skating rink in Old

Folsom starting Thanksgiving weekend, to run through the Christmas holidays! How awesome is that??
Yes, picture that as me, though with redhair. LOL!

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