Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick eeeeer Treat

It was a dark and stormy night....


Rained a little and was tons of fun.

Well my laptop died this past week, so I have not reloaded my picture editing here are some Trick eeer Treat photos in raw, unedited form! :)

My three kiddos, with Grandma and Angela..

I am making the kids Trick R Treat photo albums of their costumes over the years, and felt like I had to write something to justify in my mind (and theirs) that fact that we "celebrate" the holiday. :(

I know I know...there are many views of this topic and it is not an earth shattering one, and I can debate the arguments on both sides of it.

(Must still bother me some though, or I would not even question it, right?) is what I wrote for their scrapbooks:

Halloween can be a challenging holiday. Although we do not believe in its pagan beginnings and much of the darkside that is practiced today..we DO so enjoy pumpkins, candy and dress-up. With fun and family love, we put a simple goodness in the day. Our family tradition is to give most of our candy to the fictitious "great pumpkin" in exchange for a surprize gift.

Here I my cuties in costume....

Prince Caspian (Nick) Tinkerbell (Mary Beth) and Indian Jones (Tadpole)

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