Monday, December 22, 2008

Making Christmas

We have been so busy, I realize I have not posted in a while...we have been making Christmas....each of the kids are making presents this year, for each other, rather than buying, so we have been quite busy. Momma too. But here are a few pictures of what we have been doing the last couple of weeks. Church Christmas play, I had Nick as Joseph, Mary as a little lamb and Taddy as a giraffe. Mary's school play she was a lady bug, we decorated our tree...which I may have posted before, did lots of yummy baking, knitting, sewing, gluing, cutting, wrapping. Watched every Christmas movie made....and now we are done to the finishing touches.....whew! I am glad we all have some vacation after Christmas day to unwind a bit.

May all things be Merry and Bright! Merry Christmas!

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1 Things Others Said:

Denise said...

I was getting a bit worried about you- haven't seen you post for awhile. Dont worry, I "GET" busy!!! Love all your Christmas preps!! BTW, I love Mary's glasses. The first few pics of her I had thought they weren't prescription. Way cool!! Molly may need to wear them by next year. Pink would be the only way to go!! Merry Christmas to yours.