Monday, December 15, 2008

In honor of Frosty

My children have been enamored with the three Santa Clause movie's this season. The Tim Allen ones... Taddy painted a scene.sign and put it on his door, North Pole....and they a have been wishing for snow! We heard it might snow yesterday, but it only rained.
This morning, I go downstairs in a freezing house...
I have the thermostat set to automatically heat up around 6 am, so I could not understand why it was so cold....
I find the thermostate turned to COOL rather than heat. The other day, it was turned on HEAT up to 80 degrees, and Taddy was the culprit, so I thought he might be at it again.
I asked him about it.
He said, yes, it was him, and that it was suppose to snow yesterday and it is cold in the North Pole! So he was turning it down, so it would get cold enough to snow!
I told him, that it is the tempature outside, not inside, that made it snow and even Santa's house is warm and cozy inside!

Today was "winter wonderland" day at the boy's school. they dressed like they lived in the snow.... snowboots, sweaters, hats, gloves, jackets...and had cocoa at school. Nick had on so many shirts and sweaters, he was as puffy as the pillsbury dough boy!
I did not know they got cocoa at school today....I had a tray set up for them when they arrived home, with cocoa, marshmellows and a bowl of popcorn.
After dinner and homework, they are watching Mary Poppins....they have never seen it before.
Firetrucks, sirens, and trucks with a sleigh, reindeer, lights and Mr and Mrs Santa just drove by in our neighborhood and we all ran out in the cold to see it.
It may not be snowing here, but it is chilly and frosty!

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