Monday, December 15, 2008

Queen Momma and her minions...

Yesterday I was working on something in my room, the master bedroom in the house, and Mary came in and was playing as I was working. After a little bit she started walking around the room, touching this and that and looking it all over...then she said:

"You have a bathroom in your room. Your room is big. Are you the queen or something??!"

lol. I said, yes, I am Queen Momma and you are princess Qing Qing!

The queen and her subjects had a great weekend. Lots of crafting presents, watching Christmas movies, wishing for church Sunday, all three of my little thespians were in the play...Nick was Joseph, and pulled off his embarassing line to Mary the mother of Jesus. "Lets go honey!" Tadpole was an adorable donkey/giraffe, with an amazing look of shock when he finds the manger, empty, no baby and Mary was an adorable little lamb, Baaa-baaa right on que. I left my photo downloader at the office, so I will have to post the pictures later, but they were precious.
Tuesday night we have Mary's school play and then the acting for the season will be complete!
Queen Momma has lots to do today, I hope you have a great day!

2 Things Others Said:

Carol and Taylor said...

Hi Sandee,

Boy, 3 must be one busy and organized woman!

Thank you for your comments on my site. I wanted to let you know, though, that someone called the attorney in the given information and the info may not be as reported, esp'ly about the dying of cancer part. Whatever the case, it seems that there may be 2 kids in need of everyone's prayers, whether available for adoption or not.

I just didn't want you praying for nothing...although I wonder if that's even possible..."praying for nothing"? I figure the big man would know what was up and not sweat the details.

Anyway, kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor

steffany said...

I loved your title:)