Friday, December 05, 2008

Yoda Speak...

My kids love to talk in what they call "Yoda Speak" It is where you flip the sentence around from how you would normally say it. For instance, rather than saying "It is Friday", you would say "Friday, it is." It does make you sound so much more wise and proverbial. Try it, you must.

Since Friday, it is, then great is my mood. Tonight is the performance of Christmas at the school of my sons...the eldest the Saxophone is playing, as well as on the stage, acting. Says he, that every scene, he is in. (Humility, working on, we are.) My middle son, charming he is, singing will be. Picture taking, will I be. Looking forward to a special night, we all are.

So, as on Friday we sit, I pray for blessing and a sense of goodness and hope as we are entering into the season of Christmas. With Emmanuel, God with us...there is nothing to fear.

Christmas of Merriness.


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