Friday, January 30, 2009

Go Big Red!

One of my favorite block of memories in high school was the whole "school spirit", sports, pep-rallys...thing. :) I was on the dance team and each game, each pep rally, even our practices, the uniforms, the band music, would excite me and get my blood pumping. Just good clean fun!
Nick joined the 5th grade band, and last night he was playing, on the saxophone, their school fight song. At one point they pause, silent then shout, GO BIG RED! :)
And he has joined the basketball team, and I leave the game each time with a scratchy throats from my cheering.
Today at school they had a big pep-rally, parents invited, where each class decorated a "float" (aka red wagon) and did their best Viking cheers. My two men donned their freshly knitted viking hats and momma had a blast. As I took pictures and grinned from ear to ear at all the excitement and fun, I thought: WoW~ I get to do it all over again! My favorite part of high school, I get to do again, and again, and again, and again and again! 9With 5 kids, that's quite a few agains. :) )
A silly blessing, but a blessing all the same! Thanks Lord!
and....we have a game tomorrow... Go Big Red!

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