Thursday, January 29, 2009

It wasn't all bad...

It is funny, a blog by Beth Moore's daughter (here: took me back to the 7th grade, being the first one to wear a maxi-dress, going to lunch time sock hops and being a foot taller than my partners and dancing to "Turn around, look at me.". My love sick we were for "love". Yet, I was still so innocent and optimistic about the whole boy/girl thing. So many broken hearts later, I realize it wasn't all bad. All the experiences in my life, and my past weren't all bad.

I often feel shame over parts of my past, embarassement at others, but I have to admit, some grins and giggles too, and nostalga. It wasn't all so bad and tainted as I have sometimes carried it in my mind. And underneath the grey roots and eye-corner wrinkles, is still a 7th-grade girl, longing for her white-horsed prince.

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