Saturday, January 10, 2009

Growing a Family Heart.

There is the verse, I think in Psalms, or Isaiah, I should be a good blogger and go look it up, but the grocerly list is waiting, ...about our hearts swelling within us. My heart is swelling with love for my family and hope, and faith in what God has planned for us...where He is taking us. And loving Him as best I can, as I love little ones.

I read a post today, from another family, about her older son being moody, then showing his concern and love for his momma. It touched deep that place in my heart that my kids touch....when I see that love from them. Nick can be upset, or enthralled with basketball one minute, then see me the least bit sad, or weighed down if I have a headache, and he is right there, hugging, encouraging, bringing a glass of water or a blanket. So sweet.

I have been thinking a lot, we moved through the Christmas season, into New Years and those goals. A new year always feels fresh, with hope and expectation of the future and a time to relook at some things and move toward some positive changes.

I am doing that, have that goal list. I was writing last night in my journal, I want to change our lifestyle. Not that we have that wild of a lifestyle now, but still there is some fine tuning needed.

To pull out of some of the expectations of our current culture for myself and my kids...less stuff, less "entertain me" material things, like big birthday parties, and the newest gadget, or movies or malls or running to this thing or that thing.... And more just being with each other, interacting, playing together, talking it out, doing simple life tasks together and making it fun. Have a chore list where we all pitch in to make the family work, and it be a fun, joyful, do it together opportunity vs a drudgery hanging over someones head.
I read about a family that is starting family night, and rotating different catagories, a cooking night, a project night, etc. I think my kids (and their momma) would flat out LOVE that. So I want to do that.
I know with somethings at first, I may get a little protest here or there (no $300 birthday party at La-La Land with 15 kids and hauling home enough gifts to last 10 years??!!) But as we adjust, and momma stands firm and they see the giving and fun in scaling back and investing in our relationships...I am praying they will come to love the changes in our family.
And as with any change, it has to start in me first...In my heart, in my relationship with God and my choices and my willing to sacrifice the "feed me" monster inside of myself.
Yes, Lord, I want to be different for you, for them, for myself. I want to be real and authentic and spend my time, energy, money and soul on what matters and what will last...not on "entertain me". Thank you for a fresh start each year.
So as my family grows this year.....I want it to not just grow in numbers, but grow in depth, and caring and wisdom and love....most of all, to grow in God.
We have some exciting news in the adoption we had a cloud with not passing court yesterday, we also have a silver lining..... another precious soul to join our family. See my adoption blog.

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