Monday, January 12, 2009

A nice connecton....and good weekend

Every Christmas, we receive a small gift from the orphanage where Mary Beth was from in Qing Dao China. I am saving them all in a trunk of keepsakes, to give her when she is older. (Each of my kids have a trunk, I am filling with childhood treasures). This year we have moved, so I noticed it was forwarded.

I asked around and got the email of the orphanage director and send her a thank you note, along with our new address and pictures of Mary over the past two years. I also asked, if I sent a photo album of Mary, would they give it to her foster family, who had cared for her for two years. I imagine it is very hard to care for a little one from age 1 to almost 3, and then never know how she is doing.

I am so excited that she said yes, she will give them the photo album, if I mail it. and we can keep in touch! That is so wonderful. I need to find someone to translate a letter for me to them, so they can read it. A little connection with Mary's past.

We had a good weekend....the joy of getting to share with folks that I will be a mother of 5! How exciting. I spent time doing some research and planning. Ordered a couple books (One about the Duggens from Arkansas and how they manage their large family) and I ordered a peg board system for chores and character traits for the kids. A good season of prep-time. Another on time management and de-cluttering. All used, from Amazon.

Angela is on vacation this week, so I am doing the whole shabang! am, pm, , driving. IT is not bad though. Feels like I have a little extra connection time with my kiddos.

Life is good and God is awesome. Taddy's memory verse is 1 Sam12:24. But be sure to fear the Lord, and faithfully serve Him with your whole heart, considering all the great things He has done for you. Amen... and so true!

The foster family, with Mary, June 2006. That is the outfit she had on, when we first met her, so this must have been the day she was leaving them. I had sent a disposable camera with a gift box for them.

Qing Dao SWI - (Orphanage)

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