Monday, January 26, 2009


Tuesday nights I lead a women's Bible study at church. I think I mentioned that before. It starts at 7. I usually get there at 6:30 to have it set up.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, my son Nick has a basketball game. It was at 3:30. (I was going to have to leave work early.)..but the game would be done by 4:30...more than enough time to get home, fix something to eat and get to the study in time to set up.
Just got an email, they moved the game to 5:30.
done at 6:30 and then drive a 30 minute on a good day with no traffic, during rush hour.
But I don't feel like I can miss his game, plus how in the world would he get home?
So I am going to go over to the church during lunch to set up for the study, I have emailed two different ladies to see if either can get it started for me, if I am late.
I should call and ask.
I am a chicken. Now how dumb is that? WHY would I be chicken about asking someone to help me out, voice to voice, vs keyboard to keyboard. Maybe delayed rejection?
Why can't I ask for help? IT is SOOOOOO hard for me to do that. Most the time I do not want to bother anyone! Ya know, do it all myself, wonder woman.
What would you do?
I know, but I won't!
I will wait until tomorrow and see if anyone answered my email.
Just call me the juggling chicken!

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