Monday, January 19, 2009

The Lost Sunday...

I lost Sunday.
I had a sinus headache starting Saturday night, that lasted until 7 pm Sunday night. 12 to 15 advil later....I was still zombie, cranky momma.
When momma has a headache, momma gets cranky, ineffectual, useless and little minions get naughty.
We did not go to church....and pizza delivery for dinner.
Nothing got done, barely, folded laundry while crying and holding my head (pathetic, huh?) Did three days of Esther homework, (can't remember a bit of it) and tried to keep kiddos from wrecking the house and clobbering each other.
When I am ill, I think my kids are scared, and act that out by acting up. :(
So not a good Sunday in the annuals of our family history book. Then, whoop! At 7 pm, it dissappeared. Nothing different, no medical break-throughs, it just ceased.
So I got up from my lounging position, ate my two pieces of pizza, watched Princess Diaries with the kids and played Chinese Checkers with Nick and Taddy. Momma was back!
So, the ONLY good thing about headaches, is when they are gone, Life seems SOOOO good and SOOOOO easy!
Maybe that is my little "thorn in the flesh" that God allows to keep me remembering that.

2 Things Others Said:

steffany said...

so true.
In the midst of a headache it's hard to remember life without one.

steffany said...

glad you are feeling better.