Saturday, January 17, 2009

A different kind of Saturday...

So, in growing into a larger family, I have been doing so many organization things...(posted about it on my adoption blog ).
One is I moved grocery shopping from Saturdays (with kids) to Friday lunch time (no kids) So yesterday was my first time. Went well, fast, seamless. and today...NO GROCERY SHOPPING on our list of to dos.
Whatever will we do?
Grin. The second set of bunkbeds for the girls room was delivered today, so we reorganized the girls room. And we are going out to find two more sets of Tinkerbell sheets....I think I have enough pillows...and a two more twin quilts. I am going to look at Ross and places like that first. That is where I found the first set of butterfly quilts for Mary.
Then I do have some Esther homework to catch up on, and general house stuff. Pork Chops are in the crockpot. Angela comes back from LA today, so we do have to do an airport run around dinner time....
We had so much fun this week, helping Taddy with his memory verse, that I am thinking of buying a big flipchart for the hall, and writing each of the kids memory verses on it each week, so we can all help each other.
The word of God is alive and active....! It is funny, Taddy's verse starts with "And David said to his son Solomon: Be strong....
So we had been practicing it on Thursday, and Friday morning, when I went into Taddy's room to wake him for school in the morning, I said,...And David said to his son Solomon? ___________...prompting for him to finish the verse.
He pulled his quilt up over his head and says " One more hour sleep".
He laughed, maybe David was old and did say that to Solomon once upon a time. :)
It feels good to have a different kind of Saturday!

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