Sunday, January 25, 2009

Right now I am...

... sitting on the bed, wasting time

... hearing scoobey doo in the background downstairs a partially cleaned room


...on the edge of irritated

...wearing a red Victory sweatshirt

...ignoring my sore toe



...wanting to put the Gilmore Girls dvd in, but know I should (need, my soul is in thirst of) do my Esther homeowork.

...glad no child is fighting, yelling, jumping on the coach or throwing something

...a little chilly

...glad Kristy came by today and suggested a walk with both our gangs to the park, Bella too.

...smiling over Bella (6 lbs) being so bossy to the really large playful, BIG, brown dog.

...watching the clock, knowing the kid's bedtime is 5 minutes away.

...listening to laughing and sound effects from the downstairs scooby, doo replay, hmmm, is yelling and coach jumping next?

...keeping my mind from going to all the things I should put on a to do list.

...missing mom..and dad.

...wondering how Rebecca is.

...longing to knit something limbo, or feel I am, but really I am not. disconnected lately. Like a worn out pop-bead that can no longer stay connected to the other beads from the repeated connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect, connect, disconnet, let's pretend I am a rock rather than a bead, connect, diconnect.


...confused need of the bathroom, but too lazy to move.

...almost done.

...glad I have God, His word, and Bible teachers like Beth. need of a drink from the spigot.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- --- --- - - - - --- --- - - - - - - --

I keep hearing... pray. Pray about everything. Cast your cares on Him. Pray. and I see so much I do not pray about. This morning in church, I just said the names of all the people and things, not the actually request, although God knew, just the names. You have not because you ask not. (Have for them, in this case.)

hmmmmm. and for me.

I want some peace, some joy and some consistency.

You have not because you ask not.

Break out of the mold and pray, girl!

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