Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't sweat the small stuff...

I was thinking about the comment/advice: "Don't sweat the small stuff. " I read it in a post about advice to families adopting older children.
(Here: I know we hear that phrase all the time, and I really do not think it means to not be detail-oriented, or even plan out all that needs to be done.

It just hit me now, as more of a piece of advice about our emotional investment, or better yet our emotional turmoil. We do want to be emotionally invested in our families and relationships, but the sweating (ie stressing) over the day to day stuff.... is more emotional turmoil.
I can get so into the drama of a quarrel between my kids, or with me, or that issue in our home or this "backtalk".. I will get so emotionally into it and even very dissappointed.
As if I expected that this is not suppose to happen. But of course it is going to happen! We are humans with weaknesses, personalities, differences. God even directs us to not let the sun go down on our anger, he does not say never feel angry. So, being emotionally upset and dissappointed when this stuff dumb. It's life. It's day to day small stuff.

In not sweating it, I don't ignore it. I need to work through it, address it, navigate lovingly and handle it, but I don't need to get so emotionally hijacked by it.

Thinking of it that way, made "Don't sweat the small stuff", more than an overused phrase...and opened my eyes to my emotional exhaustion in navigating the relationship waters of a lot of little (and big) personalities under one roof.

Thank you, Lord, it all helps.

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Wolfemom said...

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, the small stuff... like you said ... getting emotionally involved in the wrong (aka "small") things. Why did the person at the grocery store look at us that way? or we're not all dressed like we should be for church, or my friend forgot my birthday, she must not really care, and the list goes on occupying our minds with needless things.

Glad you stopped by... your family is beautiful!!