Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Color of Dry...

I got the BEST tip today from Denise. I just love these little things that make sense and make big family life

Colored towels. Each member of the family gets their own color. So then, you know which culprit left the towel on the floor, rather than all of them in unison saying "Its not mine!"... and they are responsible for getting them in and out of the laundry, etc.

So simple, so fun and so colorful! Thanks Denise! {} I'm going towle shopping!

2 Things Others Said:

Denise said...

OHHH soo much fun. I loved shopping for just the right color for each kid. Have fun! And enjoy the non-battle they will bring!! :)

Lisadiana said...

I just loved this idea also! I like the idea that everyone will be color coded and hopefully their color will be their favorite!