Monday, February 02, 2009

Ground Hogs and Daisies

So, on the drive to school this morning, we dubbed our car, "ground hog" and determined he DID see his shadow, in fact was chasing it as Taddy was telling it (the shadow) to get back into the hole because he does not want more winter! :)

It was such a nice weekend weather wise...upper 60's. We went to the doggy park, kids and Bella all rolicked with the small one point NIck collected about 8 tennis balls and threw them all up in the air at once, hoping for a doggy-mania. I think the dogs have gotten immune to the lure of a bouncing ball...only one took the bait. Afterwards we played two on two basketball, Momma and Mary Beth against Nick and Tadpole. We did not keep score, but all had fun.

I cannot believe it is February already, the month of Valentines, presidents days and Papa's birthday. It feels like we never truly had a winter. I saw DAISIES blooming yesterday! And then stressed, oh my, I have not planted any flowers yet! lol!

I have TONS of books I MUST read, I am thinking I need to shift my knitting time to reading time for a while. (Have not figured out how to knit and read at the same time.)....I carry a stack of books with me, as if having them in my possession will cause me to read them! All it causes is a sore shoulder, from hauling them around. But, man, I gotta know this stuff! LOL!

I so enjoyed the Esther bible study dvd this week. (Beth Moore's, session 3). It was about our Destiny, and that God called us for the place He has put us in, and for this time, and the impact of fulfilling the destiny He gave me, goes beyond me.

A lot of other great stuff in that lesson. I needed the reminders and refreshing.

I don't know if spring is in the air, probably too early for it, but the hope of spring is in the air.

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