Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Another momma blogger I follow does Thankful Thursdays...and what a good idea that is to pause and take a moment to think about what I am thankful for. So much:

  • My God, Lord, Spirit and Savior. Where would I be without you?

  • God's word and how it IS truly alive and life-giving. I am reminded constantly how I need my daily dose to live. It just changes my perspective, raises my spirit, gives me hope and love and purpose and the strength to do what is set before. Yet, again and again, I skip.... why is that?

  • Bible Study teachers: Specifically at the moment, Beth Moore and her Esther study. Session 4, to learn to face my fears, in itself alone, is enough to change my life.

  • Nicholas, his quest for learning, and sense of humor, his intelligence and enthusiasm, passion and openness. He is loving and has a heart for God. He is my little man, being molded by God.

  • Anthony: My warrior and tender-heart. Under his warrior, loving everything valient, is a tender, loving, caring spirit. SO precious. He loves God, loves to read his bible and stories about God and is delighted when He sees God's hand at work. He loves to be a helper...

  • Mary Beth: My China beauty, full of spirit. So wanting to do whats right, yet fully aware of the battle within. Loving all things girlie AND all things rough and tumble, and so responsive to even an ounce of kindness.

  • Olivia Mame: My daughter to be. I have heard how smart you are, how caring, a mother hen to the other little girls and boys, so resilient, and always smiling. I cannot wait to fill you up with affection and let you mother some little chicks here.

  • Hanna: My other daughter-to-be...a calm and serene face, I know nothing about you. But I am grateful that I will get to know you and that you are joining our family.

  • Angela: The gap you fill for me, being a single momma, and getting my kids to and from all the places they need to be, with lunches and and sound. You are easy going, hardworking and helpful to all of us.

  • Bella: You silly little hairy doggie, that makes us laugh, with your scampering about.

  • My Parents: Who prays for us and cares for us like you? And all the little sweet things you do and bring. Keeping my Nicky supplied in "funnies" alone, is something to be grateful for! :) Your love for God and trust in Him is inspiring.

  • Friends: Rebecca and Stephanie my two-confidantes. How lonely I would be without you. Kristy, Heather, Nancy, Donna...sisters in the Lord and caring hearts. I thank God for you.

  • My house: Big enough for all of us and cheap enough to afford...on a safe street with parks in walking distance. Thank you Lord, a blessing to us.

  • My job: Providing for my family, doing enjoyable work, and flexible to adjust to the needs of a momma with kids. My boss is awesome! Giving me the ability to adopt my daughters!

  • Digital Scrapbooking! I am having a blast getting caught up on Mame's book and cannot wait to move on to the other ones. Should have started this years ago.

  • Gilmore Girls: My current favorite TV to DVD show....:)

I know I have SO much more and more and more to be grateful for..but this is my top ones right now.

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MissMeliss said...

Oh wow, I Just found your blog! How do you manage 3 little ones and being a single mom (by choice)? And going for more? I'm seriously considering a 2nd and am worried it might be too much... although, I'm feeling better about it, I need to figure out where I might adopt from.

Anyway, you're amazing!! :)