Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

What do I love

It is valentines day, so of course I have to think of the things” I love. Love, that ambiguous word that can wiggle all over the place from silly to deep. And so here is my wiggly love list:

Quilts and naps together
Crackling fireplaces on rainy nights
A good book or twelve (always reading many)
The naughtiness of reading a novel. I have so many “other” books, novel reading makes me feel guilty
A latte
A chatty email from mom, Rebecca, or stephanie
My sons basketball games
Taddy happy over remember his bible memory verse.
Mary smiling and so happy as we ice heart cookies
Angela laughing
Bella, in her playful stance as she leaps in the air paws going with giddiness
Children’s snores
Boys reading in their beds at night and so excited to tell me their stories
Christian children’s authors
Beth Moore
Digital scrapbooking
When mom and I crack each other up, we haven’t laughed much lately, let’s do it.
Papa’s face when he has made something cool and gives it to us
When my brother calls me out of the blue
Hugs, real ones
The sweetness of God’s presence when my heart is desperate for him
God’s word coming alive and into the moment
Victory Christian School
The sweet spirit of Mrs. Burger, Mary’s kg teacher.
How much Saxton likes Mary and by association, me! Always greets us with real enthusiasm. Can’t fake that!
A dinner that everyone loves and gobbles up
My three precious children.
The thought of Olivia Mame
A surprise
Little thoughtfulness’s from my momma, the Sunday funnies, a magazine article, a little treat.
Prayers for me and my children.
The gift to pray for others rather than feeling hopeless to help.
The knowledge that my shepherd is shepherding and it is not all up to me.
Bible Study
Playing games with the kids and everyone is into it
Colorful socks
Smooshy pillows
Sunshine after the rain
Rain after too many days of sunshine
The smell and sound and air of the ocean
Sea shells


Happy Valentines Day. Eat Chocolate!

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