Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A poem I wrote tonight...for my friend Stephanie

{Just being silly}
The dog went bark
The cat went meow
The pa went darn, oh how how how
Am I ever gonna get my chores all done
With dogs and cats, go get my gun.

The dog went arf
The cat went hiss
The momma said HUN, now listen to this
Ya ain’t gonna shoot my cat or dog
Or ya gonna be sleepin out back with the hog

The dog went sigh
The cat when purr
The pa grumbled off, geesh listen to her
Ya’d think she thought that she was the boss
I’m gonna go off and ride my hoss

The momma she sat
The dog at her feet
The door all locked, the cat purred sweet
Momma read her book and sipped her tea
And giggled, as she saw pa forgot his key.

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