Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a find!!!!

We just love Jan Brett's books! We have the Mitten, the Hat, On Noah's Ark, Gingerbread Baby, The Three Snow Bears....
The list goes on and on (see here:
We love her illustrations and warm stories..and for a collector of children's books, hers are among our favorites.
Well, I just found out she has a website with tons, (like in the 1000's) of freebies. Bookmarks, activities, crafts, even flashcards...(Look out Taddy, I am printing out the subtraction ones), masks, valentines. The list is endless.
And her terms of use are that you can use them print them, reproduce them for personal, classroom or libray use! How awesome is that??!!!!!
Here is her site:
I plan to print out some goodies as Valentine "gifts" for my kids! What a cool find!. Thanks to a dear blogger at this site:
I discovered what 1000's of others already know! :) thanks!
A sample mask:

Flash cards

Book marks


2 Things Others Said:

schmobes said...

Isn't it great! So much good stuff! Glad you made the discovery.

Nikki Todd said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love The Mitten but have never read it with my kids. That is a very fun website!