Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Last Night of Esther.

Tonight is our last night of the Esther study we have been doing. It has been SOOOOOO good.

God has been so awesome in this study, as I have seen his providence and freedom from fear. It really gave me the call to step up to the ministry He has given me....my children, my parents, my family... and the freedom from the guilt of all the things I thought I SHOULD BE doing for God, and a focus on the thing He has called me to do, for such a time as this.

So exciting.
I am making little "Haman Ear's" cookies, that are in the back of the workbook. and I am making a little surprize for the ladies: A deck of cards that has each of the scenarios in the study "It's Tough being a Woman when......" and the verses that apply to each scenario. Here's a peek: {They will be cut into four cards per page, and tied with a brown ribbon.}

So I am taking the afternoon off from work to get this all done.

Tonight is also significant, because I am stepping down from leading the Tuesday Night Bible Study which I have done almost continually for the last 4 years! I just did not realize it had been that long. We have done lots of Beth Moore Studies, and two Priscilla Shirer studies and God has always touched our hearts.
I feel excited about moving into this new season. Freeing. As I will be focusing on my family, bringing my dear sweet Olivia Mame home, and blending her in with my oh so precious Nick, Taddy and Mary.... a time of family connection and nesting.
I am in NO WAY done with Bible Study...just the leading for a while... I may do a family Bible study with my kids, if I can find one...{any good suggestions???} and I plan to do some study on my own at home. (Thinking about Jennifer Rothschild's, Me Myself and Lies).
SO hugs to the end of Esther and hugs to the end of a season. God is so good and faithful. I am so blessed to be His daughter and rely on Him to lead us.
...Now off to buy brown ribbon and bake cookies! :)

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Sandy said...


I love the pictures of your children! They are precious!

We have one more week of Esther---it has been a great study. I have done many Bible studies but this is my first one of Beth's. She's awesome.

Since Purim was last week I made Haman ears---they were actually tasty. I love your idea of making the cards for the ladies. Would you mind sharing your file so that I could make them for our group? I would certainly give you credit for your hard work!

Thanks so much!