Monday, March 09, 2009

Motivate me Monday....

Update to an Update: (March 11) I have to tell you...this book is so ....hmmm. fascinating, freeing, loving. I finally finished it and the notes at the end by the author. And my ending verdict. (lol yea, am I judging?) is YES! It resonates. What is funny about this book is that when I was 1/4 through it, I loved it. 1/2 through it, I loved it, but was wondering, 3/4 through it I was unsure, loved lots of stuff, unsure where it was heading, finished it...I loved it. It is very freeing, and loving and warm and JESUS. If you can step past jumping to a conclusion, and wander through the story to the end, I think it has a profound message. Our life as the church is found in connecting to and living in a daily relationship with Jesus....nothing more nothing less. Where that daily relationship leads us it exciting and not a cookie cutter. Drop the guilt and should's and dive into where Jesus would lead you, not what man my tell you. It respects and supports Bible teaching, discipling, getting together with other Christians and REAL fellowship. Something I have been longing and longing for, and get little snatches of from time to time. Worth the read by far, with an open heart!

Update: (March 10) So I have read more of the book below, almost done. and I have mixed feelings. It reminds me of something my friend Rebecca says, take the meat and leave the bones....

There is a lot in it that is good, refreshing, perspective changing. I just don't think the end conclusion is the same for everyone. I still have 1/2 a chapter and the endnotes to read. Plus I plan to research on some of the urls listed at the end of the book, to read more.

The one part that does not resonate with me is the "not meeting" stance. I think of all the instructions in Paul's letter to the early church on the church body, as well as the verse on not foresaking assembling together. I do agree that it does not have to be in this denomination or that one, in this building or that one, can be a house or ...etc. I get all that. I just feel a total turnaway from Christian's in a building meeting is not necessarily the expected outcome for everyone. (I felt like it was leading to, once you grow to this point in your walk, this is what you will do too.)

I was praying about my thoughts on this, this am. And besides the "getting together" thoughts I listed above, I think the corridors of 'church" buildings, the rooms, meetings, etc are also places where you can share Jesus authentically, and disciple, grow. It should not be the measurement or totality of your walk with God, but it is one outlet and opportunity to share and hear. SO my jury is still out on this book. It did free me in some areas, which is refreshing. I will let you know more in the future what I think.

I had to see even this be a division point in the body...either you are "In church" or "out of church" or home church, or no church...sigh.....

But God is big enough to work each of us through this. So if you are able to enjoy the meat and leave any bones you might detect, and let God answer the final questions for you, I do recommend this book.


Like a Warm Cup of Coffee

A couple things motivate me today:

First is the blessing of family....

My sweet kiddos, of course, but today, especially I am thinking of my mom and dad. They were such a blessing to me this weekend. First, on Saturday, they came over and just hung out with us. Papa put up a birdhouse and planted pots of seeds for a vegtable garden in my flower bed. It was warm and sunny, we all sat in the yard, as he worked. Nick labeled the pots and picked which seeds (watermellon and cantalope, were his picks)...and then we all tried to fly kites in the street (safe street:) ) A blessing day.

Then, the next day, Sunday...after going to the park and back with the kids, I got really sick with a headache. Poor little Mary was running through the house, crying to her older brothers, mommy is sick, mommy is sick. Very upset. Nick was over a neighbors house and Tadpole was lost in gameboy-land, and just told her, "She is not going to die>" (Such a practical little man, isn't he?..grin). Mary would have nothing to do with that. She found the wireless phone, brought it upstairs to my bed and said, now, Nanny and papa's number is...? and started to punch in numbers. Being 5, she did not know their number. SO I dialed it for her, secretly wanting help, but not wanting to ask for it, and she talked to Papa. 30 minutes later, Nanny and Papa to the rescue. Took care of the kids, made dinner, pampered me...what a blessing.
So I am motivated by the blessing of family today...and appreciating that God has allowed this blessing in my life.

My second motivation is a new book I am reading, new to me. It has a controversial title, which might keep someone from reading it, but I had heard a lot of folks commenting on it here and there, so I had to pick it up. And it is blessing me. It is focusing me on that I do not have to try so hard to be this perfect person. That God loves me, and I do not live under the law. I live in a relationship. It is so freeing and refreshing. I know I am not doing it justice, and I am only about 4 chapters in...but it is a big motivation. The book, So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore by Jake Colsen (Author), Wayne Jacobsen (Author), Dave Coleman (Author)

Something that is refreshing me, is I have been beating myself up to still be struggling with some things this "late" in the spiritual journey. I am coming to peace with the fact that I may always struggle with one thing or another, in this journey. It is not the lack of struggle that God wants from me, it is the authenticity and intimacy of relationship. Like a deep sigh and breath of fresh air, I lean back into Him and relax.

ok. thank you Lord.

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