Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Giveaway: Family Night Devotional Fun

So I am giving away a new family night devotion book called "Catching Fireflies" by Marcy Lytle.
It is a book full of activities tied to a devotional theme for the family. It is written by my girlfriend from highschool who I lost track of many, many years ago. and just rediscover thanks to the wonders of God and facebook! Cool, huh?
So I have ordered two of her books and plan to give one away to the many {yea, mom} readers at my site. ha.
So leave a comment, and you get one entry.
Enter a blog post about it and you get two.
I will keep this open until Monday night, March 16th, an announce the winner on Tuesday.....
Some details on the book:
This book is set up with 52 weekly devotions, plus a section for each holiday/season. Everything you need is found in and around your home, and the preparation section, and the how to implement this study section, are easy to follow. Besides all of that, these studies are fun for the whole family!
Catching Fireflies has now been endorsed by Focus on the Family as a great family resource.
Way to go Marcy!

11 Things Others Said:

Cottrell Adventure said...

Hi! I found your blog page through our CAFE site. I went to the Catching Fireflies site and was totally a fan before finishing the description of the book. So awesome that you have reconnected to an old highschool friend through FB. It has surprisingly been a blessing in disquise for me as well in connecting with friends from old times.
I also posted a blog on my blogpage about the book!

Very Lucky Parents said...

Wow how great to find an old lost friend. Isn't that amazing after all these years to be able to reconnect?

This book sounds fabulous and thanks for giving us the chance to win one, how generous and thoughtful of you.

I have no clue on how to use Facebook! :)

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Amy Jo said...

Saw your post on CAFEKids...the book looks awesome! Please sign me up. :-) Sweet blessings, Amy in OR

Denise said...

Sandee... meeeeeee!!!! I will post to my blog. soon. hopefully. Tonight is family night so maybe tomorrow. I'll let ya know when I do. How fun. Off to scoop pig poop. really. It is a glamourous life I lead. :)

mom of 3 and an angel said...

Sandee, you are amazing how do you fing the time. You are facebooking too! Our family too could benefit from a book like that. I hope your family enjoys. How neat it was written by a friend. Would you have ever thought??

Leslie said...

Hi Sandee! I tried to post a comment on your book giveaway post but it didn't let me. I'd love to be in on it! Let me know if you change the comments posting part, and I will go back and leave a comment. I also in a single mom and have adopted 2 girls--G, 8, from Ethiopia, and K, 6, from Haiti. I love Beth Moore too--I used to be in her Sunday School class she did several years back--she is the real thing!!

Nikki Todd said...

Hi Sandee,
That looks like a very fun book. Things are going well for me and the kids. I really enjoy the things you share on your blog. Thanks!

Marcy said...

sandee, so nice of you to do this! i just now saw your post. thank you, thank you...hope you enjoy the book!

Becca said...

Oh sounds like a neat book! How kind of you! Hugs, Becca

Becca said...

How neat!What a great idea. Sounds like a neat devotional!
Hugs, becca

crispy said...

I was not able to leave a comment until now...I am so bummed I missed this. I love family devotion books. Looking forward to this one.