Friday, March 13, 2009

60 Days to a New You...

Well I actually mean a new me.... I have been so inspired by the Modest Fashion Week blogging. {See button on the right} and for quite a few months now (uh, longer) I have felt so yucka about myself...that I picked up Joyce Meyer's book Look Great Feel Great. The combo of the two, have inspirid me.

My challenge is not as much being immodest (although several years ago, when I lost a lot of weight, I told my dear friend, please keep me from dressing trashy! lol)...but my challenge is more looking and feeling frumpy and just who cares about my looks. I felt it was a lost cause. Scrambling with working full time and three (soon four) kids, single, I did not have the mental time, let alone the physical time to pay attention to my least my physical self.

But I have given myself a 60 day challenge...including going through the mound in my closet and getting rid of all the junk, and too small and too too...and ugly....and organizing it. {I DO have to find that perfect denim skirt}.

So what inspiried me on Modest Fashion week, is skirts, a denim skirt, basic stuff and even just caring about it. (I always cared, but acted like I didn't). So I am going to take pictures along the way of my 60 day challenge, but not post the before and after until the end.

My first challenge is to finish reading Joyce's book. I will share what I learn along the way. I already have my first change scheduled. A hair cut and color next Thursday night! (Bye bye Red Henna and shaggy mess!)

Thanks to Joy ...and all her guest speakers and to Joyce's book. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And He cares about how I feel about myself as well. I want to be healthy, alive, and around a long time for my kids, plus NOT embarass them! lol!

And I found this cool website called Modest Apparel:
PS. Still a couple days to enter the giveaway on my previous post!

7 Things Others Said:

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see how the Lord works in you during your challenge to yourself! I'll be tuning in for updates :)

Modest Mom said...

I've struggled with the same things you talk about here. I didn't put a 60 day challenge on my changes, but I love the idea. I'm trying to learn to dress all over again in a modest fashion and still be lovely.

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

I'm excited to see how this goes! Thanks for sharing your heart. I appreciate you!!
I can't wait to see the hair cut!

Marcy said...

okay, i'm curious...are those YOUR legs in the photo?

Sandee said...

Marcy...and WHY would you even question it? lol.

Nope, not my legs....mine are too white white white...need some self-tanner.

Sharon said...

I really like to hear people being honest and transperant. It's good that we can encourage and challenge each other to do good. May God Bless You!

ellerbee eight said...

You inspire me.