Sunday, March 15, 2009

big heart day

Today was a big heart day...and my heart is sore.


Listening to Nick, Anthony, and their second cousin Alex playing upstairs at Alex's house. What were they doing, playing worship band, (mike, drums, keyboards, guitar) and singing "I was made to worship you" and other songs all out, no holes barred. I was emotionally floored.

Seeing my sweet momma's face, as her big, 6 ft plus son sat across the living room from her, handing her the keys to a "new" (used) car. It was a picture of love, from both sides, that I will remember forever. Humbleness, vulnerability and gracious love. Beyond describing.

Feeling overwhelmed with bickering between two of mine, in a long car drive. Feeling my nerves and mind and emotions running all over the edge of losing it. Just telling my Jesus, help me. You know what I am feeling, help me. Circumstances did not change (aka bickering) but he held me tight...and I did not lose it.

A silly comic strip in the Sunday papers (Crankshaft) that made me cover my face with the paper at Red Robin, during dinner with my kids and actually bawl for a minutes...silently. First square showed a younger couple, perhaps back in 1940's or 50;s sitting on a bench, watching the sunset, saying they wish they never had to leave, and the guys says, yes..but... second aquare shows the same lady, of the couple sitting in a chair, in her 70's or 80's, gray hair, crying. at the foot of a hospital bed, and someone stepping in the door saying the funeral director was on his way. WHAT IS FUNNY ABOUT THAT????!!!!!!!

My heart is sore...too much of a workout today, emotionally.

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Modest Mom said...

There's nothing like family and God to give the heart a good workout. Sounds like you have a life full of blessings!