Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marshmellow in my hair....

A synopsis of a full, good weekend, over too soon!

One on one "date" with my middle son, Anthony. Saw Monsters and Aliens on opening night. :O)

Family chore time, with Mary and Anthony helping rake, water, plant flowers, and clean up the backyard. Spring is HERE!

Walk down memory lane with a lunch with Mary Beth and Nick at Tug Boat in Carmichael. We lived close to there when he was 1 and 2, and ate there a lot. :) He, now 10, wanted to run around the tables like he did at 2.

Meg Ryan Fan club night...with Rebecca and Donna! After the first BBQ of the season in the backyard....Nick, Tad, Mary and my gals. Yum! Movie: City of Angels. Best quote: "Just because you don't believe in something, doesn't mean its not true."

Season 4 of LOST...disk 3...(yawn...stayed up too late).

Filling up the back row at church with friends and kids....Yea Kristy and Heather and families.

Nick playing the Saxophone at the volunteer luncheon, and Nick, Tad and Mary doing the Good Samaritan skit.

Smores in the backyard fire "Pit" while playing Scattagories.

Flying kites on a blustery day and laughing as we all got tangled and blown away.

Piled in mommas room, all jammie-clad, watching Swiss Family Robinson....until bedtime.

Thank you Lord, what a full and blessed weekend, the only thing missing, was my momma and papa hanging out with us! Bless them!

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Marcy said...

Very fun...s'mores are the best. We actually have a s'more maker here at home, and there's a coffee shop here where you can make s'mores at your table! I attended "the shower" on Saturday, went out to eat with friends, saw a movie and we all visited my parents last night for a fun "picture" night, sharing our trips.