Friday, March 06, 2009

Puppet Man - an inspiration!

{I need a better digital camera...anyone know what I should get?}

Introducing, the Puppet man! My talented and inspirational son, Nick.

First, I just love that both my boys, and it seems Mary too, LOVE reading. The boys stay up at night with little "electric candles" and read in their beds. They get excited when the news printed Scholastic Book order forms come home, a trip to the library is a treat and the book fair, well, sends us all in a spin! :) I love that they have a love for books like their momma, (and grand momma).

So Nick read a trilogy: The Door Within Trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson It is a Christian Trilogy, fantasy fiction that had him totally engrossed. He used it for his book project at school last month. As a book report, the teacher is open to any creativity the students come up with.

Nick made sock puppets of the characters! So cute. He was so excited about making them last Saturday and was quite creative with buttons, yarn, egg cartons, paint, glue, aluminum foil, ribbons, twine and scrapbook paper. They all "dried" in a bucket and rested, except for a daily exercise in practicing their parts.


Ta da!

Today is the day.

Nick was happy, excited to bring out Paragor, Allebie, the Wyrm Lord, Aiden and (I am sure I don't have all the names right..)all the rest from their bucket home and take them to school today. My pictures do not do them justice, and I did not get them all. But it is all quite cute, fun and inspirational.

A footnote: {no pun intended} I thought this is so BOY and so Nick, that he was so extremely anxious to make his puppets last Saturday that he would not give me the time to go buy new clean white socks, or even find the cleaner ones in his drawer! He thought it was perfectly fine that the socks were worn, dusty colored and old. He said it added "depth and texture to the characters!" LOL.

ah my boy! An inspiration! You bring joy to my heart.

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