Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spelling Bee - love hate

Tomorrow is Nick's spelling bee, and I don't know who is more nervous, him or me.

This is his 3rd year going, representing his school. This year, he won the regional bee too, (2nd place in the 5th to 8th graders) so it is the district bee tomorrow.
I hate it.
He loves it.
Some times he hates it, too.
I have seen sobs, despair, tension so thick you could throw up, tears, tears, and some joy. In my mind, too little joy to make it worth it. WHY DO THIS???!!!
Each year I try to beg him out of it. Each year, when he wins at school and could opt out, he wants to go. Each year, I have seen his character grow in the competition, but he (or I) do not put the study time into it that would be needed to truly succeed. He is just a naturally good speller. (I am just a naturally astute person with the spellchecker on my computer).
So tomorrow again....we face the possible ecstasy of triumph or agony of defeat. I just don't want him to miss in the first round, for his own heart ache. Am I a bad momma?
And just to think, they keep doing this through the 8th grade, and he is only in the 5th!

2 Things Others Said:

Rebecca Smith said...

It does sound stressful. As a mom, it's hard to watch your kid up there doing something that he might not succeed at and knowing it will be hard on him. But how GREAT that he is such a naturally good speller. I hope my girls are like that. I am a stickler for spelling! Let us know how he does!

Marcy said...

are you a bad mama?? heck, no! i too hate to see my kids hurt, and i hear that it never changes, even when they're old...sigh...i think moms are a mighty force to be reckoned with! good luck tomorrow!