Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And it was good!

"Equipping students who are dedicated to serving the Lord for His glory and desire to impact their world by their commitment to learn and live with character while they lead with compassion."

Last night I went to the informational meeting on the launching of a new Christian school, Summit Christian School, at the facility where my sons' school is closing down. I had been disheartened and so very sad about their school closing, and just the family feel of it, and the teachers. I had not found any good solutions for next fall. One of the many things up in the air and heavy on my heart.

As I said, last night was the informational meeting on Summit and it was GOOD!. I was so blessed from the moment I stepped into the room to the sound of worship music, to the engergized and passionate faces of those organizing it. The words of the principal brought tears to my eyes. Each word spoken, made me want to stand up and cheer. Hope, faith, love....it was all there. I immediately responded with a pre-registration card for my family and a volunteer card on how can I help.

It is a good thing. To hear all how God is opening the way and making things happen and hearts respond. Totally awesome.

If you live in the area, and are interested in your child learning to be discipled and grow in their faith and academics.....check it out.

God so answered my heartache, with his favor and blessing. Prayers now as the steering committee, administration, teachers and parents all work together for opening this coming fall!

2 Things Others Said:

"MissMelissa" said...

that is so awesome!! :) it sounds really great. i wish there was something like that around here!


crispy said...

Sounds like God is answering your prayers.

BTW, still praying for you and your requests. =)