Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going Coastal.....in 6 Days

We are heading for our week at the beach in 6 days, and are so excited. This is always one of our best times of the summer and such a memory builder. I wanted to give a peek of the house we are renting.

Doesn't the view look gorgeous! And my kids are going to LOVE the game room and Bella puppy gets to come along!

I am even having friends come down for a couple of the days...and we will be celebrating Nick's 11th birthday! (My little boy is turning 11! EEEEK!) Since I am into digital scrapbooking now, I will have far less to pack for our trip too!

I just praise God on how awesomely He has blessed us to be able to have these times as a family and care for us.

This weekend, God reminded me of who I am in Him and fanned the flame of the fire in my belly. I thought again of the book by Beth Moore, Believing God. If you have never read it. it is a must. (you can also take the Bible Study online.) Another of those reads that I need to re-read each year. I am taking it with me to the beach, (I just bought the audio version to listen to on the way up) along with Mark Buchanan's Things Unseen, Your God is too Safe and Holy Wild. A time of refreshing and renewing in more ways than one.

(Gosh, I just realized, I won't be able to read all those..and I want to. I guess I will get a second one on audio...:)

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Rebecca Smith said...

Have a GREAT trip and be safe!