Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend....

PS: A post script up front. :) After Nick saw the smilebox I made, he wanted to make one of his own! So here is Nicholas' creation:

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It was a pool weekend for my kids, Sunday and Monday. First at my brothers and then today...five hours at the aquatic center. Lots of splash, probably a little too much sun, and tons of fun.

I feel a little sad tonight. Ache. Too long and too personal to share...but something like what Mark Buchanan talks about in Things Unseen (I need to read that is a read again about once a yearer type book)...when he talks about this longing in our heart that can never and will never be full this side of heaven. About God setting eternity in our hearts and anything that is temporary just does not resonate. I have really been reminded of the temporary these past few over, school closing, holding babies, seeing how quickly they grow into men, and people from my past reminding me of days so long gone, yet still so recent.

With so much temporary, what legacy do I want to leave? My degrees, my job, my scrapbooks, a book I wrote? A presentation? A dinner cooked? A flower planted? No....and in some of these things, yes.

My legacy is not what I do, or did, but how. It is the love I share in what I do. It is being the eternity person. At least for MY family, the person in it for the long haul. The person that will reflect, to the best of my ability that corner piece of God which is faithfulness. I will be here. I will love you. And until God takes me, I will not leave. And I will never stop. God's love. That is the legacy I want to leave.

And I ache. I do it so poorly. Yet, with hope, I know God is saving my soul. I do not mean just my eternal soul for some time in the grand here after, I mean he is redeeming my present day soul here and now. He is redeeming my emotions, my thoughts, my dreams and loves and my relationships. Yes, Lord. That is what I want. That is what I need. That is what is eternal and lasts.

I surrender to you. All to you my blessed Savior, I surrender all.

Wanna smile....look below at Kenny Oden and their grandpa (my brother) and great grandparents.

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