Saturday, June 06, 2009

Back from the Coast...

Our week at the beach is over...just barely. It was a week of family memories..including Mary loosing her two front teeth, my Nick turning 11 years old, and getting to celebrate the day at Six Flags. He even talked me into going on one of the big "rollercoasters" (hang upside down, dangling as you spin) with him. The weather was beautiful, the smell of the sea and sound of the waves were soul soothing. If only I would become a well-paid novelist and could live anywhere, I would live there.
Once, in some study I took of Gary Smalley's, I remember him saying one of the best ways to bond as a family, is to go camping together, because of all the things that go wrong! Going through experiences like that bring you closer together.
We had our own "beach style" version of that type of bonding. Over the course of the week we not only had challenges with the house we rented (electricity going off, toilets not working, other items not working, washing machine broken) each of my kids, on different days, took turns becoming extremely, violently ill, with a 24 hour stomach flu! Taddy the first night we were there, in the middle of the night. That is when I discovered, under dire need, that the washing machine did not work. The next morning I had to track down a laundry mat, with three kids in tow, at a town 30 miles a way. The next day it was Mary's turn, then on Wed night it was Nicholas' after his birthday party! :( Then the next morning all three of my friend Heather's children, who were visiting with us got sick. Thursday afternoon, momma got it! I learned to wash sheets in the bathtub, the old fashioned way! (Imagine grape stomping)
I am so sorry this happened to my kids and especially to my dear friend, driving home with three sick children. It was not a fun experience, but the extra care we needed to give each other (and cleaning) did draw us closer as we sympathized when each family member had their turn at the sickness. It is funny, Nick always enjoys reading the names of the houses at the little town we stay at. Thinks like "Skipper Cove", "Doc's Place", "Sea Shanty", "Wet Dog", "Breezes Inn". He decided to name our place IHOP. International House of Puke. Not pretty, I know!
In spite of this, or maybe because of it, we savored our days in the sand, our nights with a fire, the momma and baby deer walking outside our window, hawks soaring over the deck, playing games, watching movies and just being family, 24/7. Not quite the exact vacation I had dreamed, but a memory building one, none the less.
I will let the pictures share the rest of our story. I can't wait until next summer, when Olivia Mame will be with us to enjoy the fun!

Good bye until next year!

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