Thursday, June 18, 2009

My boy-man

Nick is my little 11 year old boy-man. Growing up in so many he explains the intricacies of batting stances, and catcher positions and tests me on basketball moves, and yet so tender-hearted, loving hugs, and snuggles and momma time.

I love him to pieces!

It is hard, in many ways, being a boy-man. The oldest in the family, he sometimes chaffs under the yoke of being the example or peacemaker, and yet has true leadership qualities and talents.

It does not sit well, some days, being the oldest "man of the house", when he has longed for many years to have a "daddy at home".

But I am so cotton-pickin' proud of him. He loves big, feels big and drinks in life. Quick to hug and appreciate any show of affection, like a little sponge.

As I watched two days of baseball games, and saw several boys his age cringe under the sting of a reprimand from a coach, a couple even in tears ~one did not come back the second day. :( ~ and the same boys just blossom and grin under a praise of a RBI or smart decision on a play..... these young boy-men are so easily influenced, moldable.

If we invest in our son's hearts, what awesome men they will grow up to be.

I pray for my two, I pray for their classmates and teammates, and friends..... capture this generation for you, Lord. Capture these boy-men and make them into godly men. And capture the hearts of those who would invest in them and realize the impact they have.

I love you Nicholas! You make your momma proud and fill her heart!

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