Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do You Paint a Rented House?

I have a love for peeling, chipped, sanded, weathered paint.

I remember when I bought an old, paint-peeling desk, and as my dad was helping me load it, he asked what color I was going to paint it.

Paint it??!! I was incredulous...and lose this old, worn, patina. I bought it BECAUSE it looked like this. Lol!

I take perfectly good book cases and paint on layers of different color paint and sand it off. I paint my Adirondack chairs a seashore blue and love it as it is almost all peeled off with grey, weathered wood. I painted the front door of my old house a periwinkle and then waxed and sanded all the edges to make it look old and worn. Love it!

That said, our home is a rental home, and there are limits, I suppose to what I can do. I guess. Although we have tiled the kitchen and bathroom, replaced the outside lighting fixtures, put in four ceiling fans, planted a tree and flowers.....and put in a pet door.

My house ~ inside ~ needs painting. And, seeing the fence between my neighbors and I that badly needs repair, and getting the response from the property management where they just put in a couple steel poles to shore up the leaning, falling boards, I doubt if I am going to get a positive response on a request to have the house painted, or compensate me for the painting.

(yea, I paid for the ceiling fans, light fixtures, tile and pet make it livable!)

So do I invest in painting a rented house?

Many would say NO. If they won't pay for it, why should you?

But then, they are not living in it. The change to our environment that paint would bring is going to bless us far more than it will bless the owner or the property managers.

How I feel about where I live and love and care for my family is important to me!

So do I paint a rented house? I think yes. Just like investing in all the little things that touch a life, and may not last forever yet, the touch to the heart can have a lasting impact.

So I think, once I come back from Ethiopia and can save up a little paint money...I am going to get started.


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FHL said...

In our last rental we painted the main room and it just made it 100% better! More OUR home. So I say, if it will make you smile, it's worth it! (This home we're not allowed to paint :o( but at least it's a soft beige vs. the rental glow white look.)