Monday, June 22, 2009

Choose your View....

I read something today that just resonated and wanted to share it with you... so worth the read. To read it click here: Choose your view

I started walking today. There has to be a day 1 to everything, right? I walked for 78 minutes. Tired, but I feel good. This may be the start of something good.

On my walk, I saw some flowering shrubs. 90% of the flowers on the shrubs were dry and crispy brown....but scattered through the brown blossoms were a few vibrant pink and fushcia colored jewels. I had to run my hand across them. I thought, these shrubs are thirsty and in need of water. And I thought, like me. I know I daily need the washing of the water of the word. I know it. Yet, I don't. And then I wonder why I am brown, crispy with only an occasionally splash of color.

With walking, I plan to get back to journaling with the word. Watch for a post SOON, with links to some great articles on journalling.


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Marcy said...

hey there...just saying hi and that i enjoy your blog, when i take the time to click and read ya...