Monday, June 15, 2009

View from my Cell: Soccer, Basketball and Nature

Busy, busy, busy, has been the name of our game. With Anthony in soccer camp last week, and Nick in basketball camp.
I thought I would share a few pictures from my cell.
That is Anthony at the head of the "catapillar line" in the yellow shirt. This is how they celebrated each time they made a goal! And then of course dousing the coach with their water bottles! :) Tad loved the week and is planning on taking a second week later this summer.

Nicholas enjoyed basketball camp taught by an former Harlem Globe Trotter. This is his second week of this camp and each time he learns new skills and gets re-enthused about basketball. I am hoping his school will have enough guys to have a 6th grade team this coming year!
The last set of pictures, are some I took during lunch on the property where I work. Intel has a little walking path, pond and waterfall, and it was just so peaceful and refreshing to take a stroll out there, and a little breather at work.

It is odd, ever since I decided to just rest in God and choose to be happy, I have felt so peaceful and keep getting reinforcements to that affect.
God is good and in control.
I spent the weekend scrapbooking (see here) watching a couple movies, pool time with the kids and just kicking back.
More Later!

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