Sunday, July 26, 2009

An unplugged life...


How do I unplug our life? (Re-plug?)

Unplug from the mind-dumbing,






As I type this on one.

How to put them back in their very small, limited, forgotten-on-the-topshelf box? Is it an all or nothing? A vortex to which you cannot dip a toe without being sucked in?

Do we need a fast from it? Forever?


When they have become, for all of us, the intravaneous drip of boredom painkillers.

Don't talk.

Don't laugh.

Don't play or sing, or tell a story.

Don't create.

Don't swing.

Don't just lie, side by side, soul touching soul through our fingers, through our feet.

Don't breathe in, breathe out God.

Plug in, hook up, take the next hit, before the numbness wears off.

How to unplug? Cold turkey?

Or focused connection. Unplug by replugging.

Plug in to each other.

To playing

To laughing

To talking

To making....together...

Hide the power cord.

Disable the player.

"Lose" the gameboy.

Read the book, aloud.

Draw the picture together.

Caress the hair gently

Kiss the head fondly

Smile the eyes deeply.

Start when you are there.

Be there.

and then perhaps it might flow into when you are not.

Lord Help me. (us)

I want to unplug.

I feel like we are in The Matrix.

Unplug us.

and Replug into you

into each other.


Update: I am making this into a series, sharing our attempts to become unplugged. Here is the link to the other posts, as they happen:

Unplugged Part 1: Evil Costco Scores

2 Things Others Said:

crispy said...

What a beautiful reminder and full of challenge. Thank you for sharing.

Composing Hallelujahs said...

wonderful reminder. thank you!