Thursday, July 23, 2009

Would you be willing....?

"Faith is the bucket of power

lowered by the rope of prayer

into the well of God's abundance.

What we bring up

depends on what we let down."

- Virginia Whitman

What would you do, it if was you? I read about a dear mother of 10, yes 10, so in love with God and her family and so in need of a miracle. Dear Linny, on her blog (A place called simplicity) set out a call for prayer and fasting on Monday...for this dear mother of 10. Cindy. Would you be willing to join in?

I do not fully understand prayer, but I believe God's word that says the passionate prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective! I do not fully understand fasting, but I am going to read up about it here: Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer...and I have read of many who have seen the impact.

Here is what hit me the most. This woman is living my worst nightmare. Being a single mom, I often take this fear to God (as I know MY momma interceeds on my behalf as well) to keep me well and safe, my children need me so.....they have no one else. And then I see how this woman of God, homeschooling 10 beautiful souls and her family is in such severe pain at the pending loss ahead....

And I think...God loves her too...and He has, so far, allowed this to happen....

If it were me....and folks, who didn't even know me, being willing to come together in prayer and fasting, could dip that bucket into the well of God's abundance....would I want them to?

So would you join me?

Go read Linny's Plea

Go read a bit about Cindy

and if need be, go read a bit about fasting....

and then join together on Monday......

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