Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bags, bags, bags....

Not under my eyes, but from my sewing machine.....

I have this little cloth bag, I had picked up years ago, that I started using when I go on my walks. Just the right size for keys, ipod, cell phone...etc.

Then I got inspired by Soule Mama's recent bag sewing here and here, and bought some material last night. Zebra print and a pink/purple batik. (Some others too, that are yet to be sewn.)

I soaked the zebra print in "chocolate tea" and hot water, I wanted it to have a bit more of a weathered, tannish look. Then I sewed it up into a little bag, with a pocket on front for my ipod. Just the right size for walks...and just to wear it around. (I'm wearing it now) Not the perfection of sewing (like Soule Mama) but a start. I am sure I will get better as I go.

I think I have the bag bug. I want to make some more, bigger, book bags, and stuff bags...and some more small walking bags, for when I am not in a zebra mood.

FUN! FUN! But first I have three super-hero caps to make tonight!

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