Monday, August 10, 2009

French Cooking and Heroes

Today was vacation Day 1. A "staycation" more or less. {Day 1 and 2 are "Momma day" vacation and day 3,4,5 are family day vacation.}

It was a day to ssssslllllloooooowwww down, relax...think.

So what did I do? I went to the movies, one of my favorite past times, and saw Julie and Julia... I LOVED it, for so MANY reasons!

First just the part that was set in France, the markets, the cooking. And the realness of Julia, the romance with her husband, and that the heroine was so non-typical for Hollywood movies. Older, very tall, not the picture perfect, young, gorgeous, model-type. Yea!

I love that Julia knew nothing about cooking when she started.

I love the writing aspect of the movie, both Julie and Julia wanting to be published...and also the blogging part..since I blog, that part really was funny to me.

I did like the actual cooking {wish my kids ere more willing to experiment with foods, I could be a closet gourmet experiment, or at least my cooking could be.}

I that it was insightful when Julie was hurt because she was told that Julia did not like her blog, and Julie said Julia was perfect {meaning it had to be a flaw in her, Julie, not in perfect Julia}...Julie's husband said the Julia in her mind is perfect, not the real Julia...something to that affect.

I thought about that. We make these heroes out of people we do not really know and then, measuring ourselves in comparison, we fall so short. Or should I say, I do that. I often feel I have to do something so incredibly extraordinary, to be a hero. And these heroes I admire are really normal, flawed {broken} people, just like me {us}.

and I thought....

Be the hero of my own life! No one out there has to acclaim me, admire me, follow me, make a movie about me, to be a hero. Be the hero of my own life, to my children, and my family. To God.

How can you be a hero to God? What is a hero?

To me, a hero rises above the challenges, {circumstances} of their life and does the great thing with heart. That is what makes a hero to me.

A hero to God?

  • Loving God greatly with all my heart.
  • Doing with heart the important thing {calling} He has put before me. My calling? Momma to my kids for number one. and then whatever else.
  • Be the hero in my kids lives, the one who loves and nurtures and prays and coaches and laughs and plays and leads, and did I say, loves... and stays with a happy face, and teaches them about God not just by words, but yes, by words -- but also by life lived out with love.

That is a hero is, in my life.

I also saw both Julie and Julia, as heroes in their own lives and they inspired me...stirred in me the ordinary hero each of us can be. May not hit everyone that way..but it did me....

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