Monday, August 10, 2009

Something new......

I have started something new... a blog focusing on my journey to becoming a better momma.

Today I was inspired, by someone else's journey, as well as what God is doing right now, just this moment, in my momma-hood. The inspiration made me look back over the journey of the past 11 years with the realization that I have not always been a good momma, sorry to say, but I am becoming a better momma. Perhaps my journey will help others along the path.

Let's see where this journey goes...

PS....I actually did some knitting today! Wheeeeee!


Update: I decided rather than starting a new blog on "the making of a better momma", i would just put the series of posts on this blog as I get to them.

So here is what I posted yesterday:

I have not always been a good momma.

{am I one now?}

My children would probably say I am, except when they are mad at me for saying computer-time is up. My momma would say I am--but she doesn't live with me every day and see the dirt underneath the fingernails of my momma-hood.

No, I know I have not always been a "good" momma, but I am becoming a better one. I have started this ---- {series} to talk about just that, my journey to becoming a better momma; what I have learned these past 11 years and what I will learn moving forward.

Maybe there are others on this journey too.

How often I have to dust off my tattered hope and press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus has taken hold of me. Mommahood.

In the words of Ann Voskamp, "I am a broken momma of broken children" -- flawed and fallen, yet, by a merciful God, selected to be a momma of three--and hopefully soon, four-- precious children. Broken, flawed - all of us. Because of that, this will not always {often} be a pretty blog, but I promise {hope I am brave enough} to be real. I plan to write primarily of what I learn from this day forward; however I will dip into the well of history of my little family, just to make sense. We will see where this has come from and what lies ahead, what lesson's learned will benefit others and help them as well, become a better momma.


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